“Whether you succeed or not is irrelevant, there is no such thing. Making your unknown known is the important thing”

- Georgia O’Keeffe

In my works I like to create balance in chaos, movement in stillness and beauty in imperfection.

I am inspired by nature, in particular by trees and flowers, to create something original without restricting myself to any particular style. 

I have a curious mind that likes to explore and find connections between seemingly unrelated things and concepts. I love how I can plan a painting in my head but I have to feel the image in my heart. 


I have a Masters Degree in Mathematical and Information Sciences but I have been also painting for many years. I come from a creative family on my fathers side and it was only natural that I pick a brush at some stage in my life. 


Most of my paintings are an image of what I see with my heart, as I don't paint what I see, I paint what I feel. I hope that my paintings will make you experience emotions and that they will help you see more beauty around you. 

Victorian Artists Society

Ringwood Art Society

Contemporary Art Society of Victoria 




Past exhibitions
A4 Contemporary Art Society Exhibition 2022 

smART at Track Gallery 2022
Contemporary Art Society Annual Exhibition 2021

"In and out" Exhibition at Maroondah Federation Estate 2021

"Autumn Select" VAS Exhibition at Victorian Artists Society 2021
"Vibes" PAF Exhibition at Victorian Artists Society 2020


Art Shows

Kernart Prize Show 2021
Mornington Art Show 2020

Linden Postcard Show 2019, 2020

Knox Virtual Art Show 2020, 2021

Carlingford Art Show 2020 

The Flemington Art Show 2019, 2020

Mooney Valley Virtual Art Show 2020

Whitehorse Art Show 2019

The Mount View Art Show 2018, 2019